We encourage healthy eating and have planned our menu accordingly.

We offer a vegetarian menu that caters to all nutritional needs. 

You can download our menu here.




All children over the age of 18 months are required to wear our uniform.

Some of the resources that you will see in our classes are specialist Montessori materials that have been specially designed to achieve the best outcomes for the children.
All the equipment has at least one particular purpose and is generally made of wood.

The development of independence is seen as a core value in Montessori education. Beginning with the youngest children, a curriculum area called practical life exists, which has, as a main purpose, independence. For the young child, this may mean pouring liquids or spooning beans. 




7.30am - Open

7.30-9am - Breakfast

9-9.30am - Circle Time

9.30-Midday - Work Cycle

Midday - Lunch

12.30-1.30pm - Quiet time

1.30-3.30 - Work Cycle

3.30-4 - Outdoors

4-4.30pm - Tea

5-6 - Free play

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